CPD - Continuing Professional Development 

UIPM has been accredited by the CPD Accreditation Group in The United Kingdom, London


What is Continuing Professional Development (CPD)?

CPD (Continued Professional Development) programs are a fantastic way to learn new skills, advance into specializations, or take on new responsibilities. This means you can improve your skills by enrolling in a postgraduate course, a single module, or a short study skills workshop.


Many people focus on formal training, but CPD includes any type of activity that allows you to learn and grow. This can take the form of e-learning, case talks, and reading, but it can also take the form of just exchanging information and challenges with coworkers.


Continuing Professional Development (CPD) encourages people to think about how they might improve their competence and effectiveness on a regular basis. Effective training and learning naturally boost confidence and competence while also complementing a person’s personal career goals.

CPD demonstrates a strong dedication to personal growth and professionalism. Individuals can use CPD to identify knowledge gaps and fill them in a systematic way that leads to improvement. To assist professionals with their annual Continuing Professional Development needs, UIPM can become qualified CPD providers and apply certified CPD hours to their existing courses, seminars, modules, and events.


CPD Benefits for Universities

The CPD Certification Service works with a variety of organizations, including consulting businesses, training providers, large corporations, conference and event organizers, and CPD for universities, colleges, local governments, councils, and government departments. Universities join CPD to meet more of the right target audience, present their expertise to industry experts, provide structured accredited CPD to delegates, differentiate themselves from other market sector competitors, increase local delegate bookings for University events and courses, and create new business opportunities.


UIPM CPD Courses

It is common for a university to become a CPD provider in order to certify a variety of existing courses or activities. The University may be qualified for CPD certification as a consequence of these courses and activities, which may be of interest to both students and the local professional community. University CPD courses may include a number of learning options, such as seminars, conferences, and e-learning modules, all of which are intended to help learners improve their professional abilities and complete their annual CPD requirements. 


CPD accreditation can be used for a variety of activities, including:

·         Online Learning & E-learning modules

·         Existing & new University courses

·         Workshops & CPD seminars

·         Conferences & educational events

·         Other structured forms of learning

Professionals, regardless of sector, career level, or responsibilities, are increasingly expected to participate in Continuing Professional Development. The provision of approved CPD courses, seminars, and modules signifies that the learning activity has met the necessary Continuing Professional Development requirements and benchmarks. To assure honesty and quality, the learning value has been examined.


The CPD Certification Service offers acknowledged independent CPD accreditation that meets the needs of professional bodies and associations. The CPD Certification Service also assists colleges in formalizing information into a systematic and recognized manner in order to achieve those objectives.


This means that your University-certified courses are more likely to be accepted and appreciated by your target consumers. Individuals who take university CPD courses may be better able to adapt to changes in work/industry requirements and be more productive in the workplace.


Online University Courses

As previously stated, online learning is one of the most effective ways to streamline the development of your learning and assist you in obtaining the accreditation you require.


Both the University and the student are affected by this. Students can better manage their time by taking online university courses, which boosts their confidence in achieving personal goals while studying. When students learn that the university of their choosing has a university, they are excited.


What makes CPD important?

It’s becoming increasingly impossible to stress the need of continual professional development as the world’s sectors expand. Individuals can use CPD to reinforce and improve their current abilities while also minimizing knowledge gaps, giving them a competitive advantage in situations where one is required, such as a job interview. CPD can also help people stand out in the job market, as many people seeking for the same job typically have the same basic qualifications.


Individuals can take control of their career progress and objectives with a planned CPD approach. The personal empowerment that comes with professional autonomy can boost one’s confidence in one’s efficacy and competence, which can lead to better job results. This benefits businesses as well, because employees are more likely to be motivated and loyal to a company that invests in them and encourages their growth.


CPD also ensures that academic and vocational qualifications do not become obsolete, allowing people of all ages, occupations, and educational levels to continue to up-skill and develop their skills.


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