The Special Program
The special program for the Faculty of Philosophy and Religion from the WPF (World Philosophical Forum) collaborates in a study program between UIPM (Universal Institute of Professional Management, led by Prof. Dr. Mohammad Soleh Ridwan (President of UIPM Indonesia-WPF Indonesia) and Prof. Dr. Igor I. Kondrashin (President of WPF).

UNESCO has always been closely linked to philosophy, not speculative or normative philosophy, but critical questioning which enables it to give meaning to life and action in the international context.

UNESCO was born from a questioning process on the possibility of and necessary conditions for the establishment of long-term peace and security in the world. It is therefore an institutional response to a philosophical question, one that had already been asked by the Abbé de Saint-Pierre and Emmanuel Kant. read more

Philosophy Faculty

WPF collaborates with UIPM in accordance with the Faculty of Philosophy, Science, Religion. All three are for Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Programs.


Three of the most essential styles of thinking about the world and our place in it are philosophy, science, and religion. Are these modes mutually exclusive? To put it another way, is it intellectually responsible to 'choose sides' and identify with one of these approaches over the others? Or are they mutually supporting or complementary? The devil, as is common of matters of this size, is in the details. It's crucial, for example, to figure out what makes each of these methods of thinking about the world unique. We'll look at what some of the contemporary major intellectuals in philosophy, science, and religion are actually doing in order to acquire some clarity.


The third of three connected courses in our Philosophy, Science, and Religion Online series is titled 'Religion and Science.' The course will cover five topics, each of which will be delivered by an expert in the field.


What is the definition of philosophy?


We'll begin the course by considering what Philosophy is and how it differs from other disciplines. What are its unique goals and methods? We'll also consider why the problems philosophers strive to answer are frequently regarded as both fundamental and significant, as well as how philosophy is really conducted.Finally, we'll quickly discuss two important philosophers' responses to the topic of how we can tell whether there is a correct method of thinking about things in any particular situation.


What is the difference between objective, relative, and emotional morality?


We all have some understanding of what is good or evil, and we all have feelings about which behaviors are better or worse. But where do these moral convictions, senses, or feelings stand? Should we consider them to be hard, objective facts about our reality that scientists could discover and investigate? Should we consider moral judgments to be merely personal or societal preferences?In this session, we'll look at some of the many solutions available when tackling these problems, as well as the issues and possibilities associated with each.

our expert LECTURES
Prof. Dr. Mohammad Soleh Ridwan, LLB, LLM, MA, Ph.D

President of UIPM -WPF Indonesia and LECTURER of Philosophy , Science and Religion

Prof. Dr. Indira Santi Kertabudi, Ph.D

 LECTURER of Philosophy and Science 

 Prof.Dr.Fajar Laksana.,SE.,MM.,Ph.D

LECTURER of Philosophy., Science and Religion

 Prof. Dr. Yoesoep Edhie Rachmad S.E, M.M, Ph.D

Assistant of President UIPM -WPF Indonesia and  LECTURER of Philosophy., Science and Religion

 Dr. Suyanto, Sp,OG., MMRS., M.Sc., PhD

Assistant of President UIPM -WPF Indonesia and  LECTURER of  Health Sciences

Dr. Lalu Pharmanegara, M.A., Ph.D

Chancellor and LECTURER of Philosophy., Science and Religion

Prof. Dr. Drs. Agusdin, SE.,M.M., Ph.D

LECTURER of Philosophy., Science and Religion

Dr. Ishak Munawar, M.Sc

LECTURER of Philosophy., Science and Religion

Pic Jupri
Dr. Mohamad Jupri., SE., MM., Ph.D

LECTURER of Philosophy., Science and Religion


LECTURER of Philosophy., Science and Religion

Prof. Dr. Basuki Rachmad, M.Sc

LECTURER of Philosophy, Science and Religion

Prof. Dr. Asep Kadar Soleh., M. MPd

LECTURER of Philosophy, Science and Religion

Prof.Dr. Drs. Muh.Elia Wasono Mastoko, SH., MM

LECTURER of Philosophy, Science and Religion

Prof.Dr.Jeffry Yuliyanto Waisapi.,S.T.,S.H.,M.M.,M.Eng.,Ph.D

LECTURER of Philosophy, Science and Religion

pic Yudha
Dr.Yudha Setiawan .,M.Sc.,Ph.D

LECTURER of Philosophy, Science and Religion


LECTURER of Psychology and Public Health